JL Studio Designs has been hired to design the space for Lennox + Lane, an Uptown New Orleans women's clothing boutique. Lennox + Lane is located in the Wegmann Building at 2131 Magazine St. Design Management Group (DMG) has been contracted as the General Contractor to begin the buildout for the renovation. The renovation project is set for completion in time for the holidays. Head designer Jacquelyn Lindsey from JL Studio Designs said, "Completing a project of this size so quickly is a very tall order and that's why it is essential for a General Contractor such as Ryan McCroskey and his company, DMG, be brought in on our project. Their ability to meet tight deadlines while still paying attention to every detail is nothing short of impressive.”

       Lennox + Lane boutique was dreamed up by owner and curator, Bonnie Lane Eslick. After working years in corporate retail, it was time for that dream to become a reality. The Lennox + Lane mantra is, “If Coco Chanel and Jimi Hendrix had a daughter and she dated Jim Morrison…” That is the driving inspiration behind the clothing brand. Their goal is to bring the buyer fun, flirty bohemian looks that merge with a classic take on edgier pieces.

       The renovation will feature a modernization of the space going far beyond just flooring and paint. Eco-friendly Vicostone countertops will be complimented with a backdrop wall finished in a seamless Statuary porcelain that is brand new to the construction industry. The wall will display the logo of Lennox + Lane and it will be made out of a lazer-cut, powder coated metal to emphasize their brand. Custom shelving will be provided and installed by NOLA Closets. Unique wallpapers will be used to create accent walls, but they will be subtle in color in order to maintain an elegant vibe. High fashion art combined with timeless furniture pieces will bring a lovely, warm contrast to the cold, contemporary finishes of the space. Mirrors with LED backlighting will adorn the dressing rooms and the shopping experience will be rounded off with a revolutionary invisible surround sound system.

       The project’s general contractor, Ryan McCroskey, said, “For any new business that is opening on Magazine Street, there is a very high level of expectation for the overall design aesthetic. The competition on Magazine is fierce, so it's important to set oneself apart from the other businesses. One key way to do that is through the design experience and that's why head designer Jacquelyn Lindsey from JL Studio Designs will be a fantastic designer for Lennox + Lane. Her eye for proportion, color, and texture is absolutely superb."

       JL Studio Designs will add this project to a long running list of successful projects in a very diverse repertoire consisting of commercial projects, residential renovations and new construction. Stay tuned for the after photos! 

Nursery Renovation Complete!

I recently finished renovating an outdated guest bedroom to become a sophisticated nursery for a baby boy! I had so much fun working with my client to create the perfect nursery for her and her little new born. I'm happy and honored to say that the new born, Christian, and his sweet mommy are now thoroughly enjoying their new room! Check out these before and after photos! To see more of the renovation, click the "Design Work" tab at the top of my website, then click "Renovation Work" in the drop down menu, and then scroll down and click on "Nursery Renovation." Enjoy! 

P a r a d e O f H o m e s 2 0 1 5

Did you miss the 2015 New Orleans Parade of Homes tour? No big deal! I have put together some images of what I believe were the highlights from my personal walk throughs during the parade.  

The Parade of Homes is a free event put on every year by the Home Builders Association of Greater New Orleans to give the public an opportunity to see inside the newest homes being built in the New Orleans area. Attendees who are looking to buy or build a new home can meet multiple builders in one day or weekend. The Parade is also great for inspiring ideas for those hoping to renovate their existing home.

Gabriel Estates

3 Royal Palm - Troyer Builders 

Without a doubt, this house was easily one of my favorites on the Parade of Homes Tour. If you can appreciate an interior space that flawlessly combines rustic and modern design elements, then take a peek into this builder's personal house in the pictures above. I'm pretty sure I was drooling by the time I finished walking through this monster house!  If you're in the market for a builder, you should definitely consider Troyer Builders


6325 Milne Blvd- Guidry Custom Homes

Complete with the classic red front door and dormer windows, this New Orleans home definitely has a more traditional personality.  However, it had some lovely modern features as well - making it well worth my time during the Parade of Homes! Take a peek inside this builder's beautiful house in the pictures above. If you're in the market for an elegant custom home of exceptional quality and style, then you should definitely consider Guidry Custom Homes

The St.Jude Dream Home

6919 West End Blvd- Hyman Bartalo Contractors 

The St.Jude Dream Home was a very popular stop on the New Orleans Parade of Homes Tour as visitors had the chance to win $10,000 in groceries or  even the brand new home itself!  Purchasing a $100 ticket meant entering for a chance to win the home while supporting St.Jude, one of the world's premier pediatric care research centers. 

Needless to say, I unfortunately did not win $10,000 in groceries or the brand new home. However, I had a great time walking through it! This house, located at 6919 West End Blvd was built by Hyman Bartolo Contractors and it's absolutely beautiful! With high ceilings, modern fixtures/decor,and gorgeous moldings, this home is definitely being noted as a design success in my opinion! 

Gabriel Estates

35 royal Palm - Troyer Builders

If you love ultra contemporary, then you missed out if you didn't see this house in the Parade of Homes! This house, built by Troyer Builders, is not the typical Mediterranean or Rustic style that one would normally see in a Troyer Home. It was different and unexpected, but still beautifully executed and a pleasure to walk through!  


960 Bragg - decro development 

And finally last but not least...A traditional New Orleans style home with a modern flare on the inside! If you're looking for  a quality, cost efficient, and timely builder to help you achieve your dreams of home ownership, then you should consider Decro Development