Halloween is one of our favorite holidays! It's a time to let loose and be your younger self, dress up, and hang out with family and friends. It's also an excuse to throw a party and invite your friends and neighbors - and there's nothing we love more than decorating for a good party! 

When people think about decorating for Halloween, they usually think of using a black and orange color scheme.  However, we believe that there are other ways to decorate for Halloween without using the traditional orange and black. Orange can tend to sometimes look kitschy if it's overdone. Using blacks and whites in your decorations can help to maintain a classy, elegant vibe that is still in the spirit of Halloween. Think about using neutrals if you want a more upscale look. Take a look at some of these vintage inspired Halloween setups to get ideas for your home.

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Thank you for reading and have a Happy Halloween week! 

O f f i c e E s s e n t i a l s

       Needing a little more appeal in your office? Wanting to look chic and sophisticated?Sometimes all it takes is a couple hours of de-cluttering and adding a few simple accessories to help give your office that wow factor! If you're into silvers and blacks, checkout some of my favorite, affordable office essentials from pictured below! These accessories will really help your office make a statement...and all for just under $500! 

(Sequoia Magazine Tote with aluminum tree grain design feature $129.95, Crystal Parker Table Clock $49.95, black and silver World Globe with chrome metal base $89.95, and a set of eight silver ceramic books $159.60) 

New Orleans Home & Garden Show

       This weekend, the New Orleans Home and Garden Show includes a Container Village, where former shipping containers of multiple sizes are on display, retrofitted for daily use. Local designers, including myself, were asked to design and stage shipping containers for this weekend's event to show that these containers can actually be lived in! We teamed up with The Benjamin Collectibles  Collectibles ( for the buildout of this fun, exciting project! Check out how we transformed this shipping container from drab to fab in the photos below! 

       Don't believe me that these containers are really livable? Read this article to see how one young, Uptown New Orleans couple bought two freight containers and turned them into a modern, efficient and eco-friendly home! 

       The home's open layout is roomy enough for a sofa, five chairs, a kitchen island, two bicycles, a standing fan, bookshelves for 400 books and a 10-foot desk -- all in 720 square feet. "That's not an uncommon dimension in New Orleans," said Rodewald-Bates, the homeowner. "If you've lived in a shotgun, the halls are narrow," he said, striding through his home's hall from kitchen to bedroom. " Day-to-day wise, you don't realize it's a container." Container architecture is an environmentally friendly design trend that re-uses steel intermodal containers as a structural building element. The low expense and wide availability of shipping containers -- as well as their sturdy, rectangular shape and weather resistance -- make them easy and efficient to use for new home construction! 

       Come visit me at the New Orleans Home & Garden Show this weekend to check out my booth and learn more about eco-friendly design! Friday 3/13/15 12:00-8:00, Saturday 3/14/15 10:00-8:00, and Sunday 3/15/15 10:00-6:00. 

Buildout and Staging design complete! Ready to advertise! 

Delivery of the shipping container! 

Beginning the buildout! 

Beginning the buildout! 

Framing out the bunkbeds! 

Buildout and staging design complete! 

Buildout and staging design complete! 

Ready to advertise! 

Metal barrel decor on the wall! 

Come see us at the Home & Garden show this weekend! Friday 3/13/15 12:00-8:00, Saturday 3/14/15 10:00-8:00, and Sunday 3/15/15 10:00-6:00.   

Come visit The Benjamin Collectables and myself from Interior Motives at the Home & Garden show this weekend! Friday 3/13/15 12:00-8:00, Saturday 3/14/15 10:00-8:00, and Sunday 3/15/15 10:00-6:00.