seasonal decor


Halloween is one of our favorite holidays! It's a time to let loose and be your younger self, dress up, and hang out with family and friends. It's also an excuse to throw a party and invite your friends and neighbors - and there's nothing we love more than decorating for a good party! 

When people think about decorating for Halloween, they usually think of using a black and orange color scheme.  However, we believe that there are other ways to decorate for Halloween without using the traditional orange and black. Orange can tend to sometimes look kitschy if it's overdone. Using blacks and whites in your decorations can help to maintain a classy, elegant vibe that is still in the spirit of Halloween. Think about using neutrals if you want a more upscale look. Take a look at some of these vintage inspired Halloween setups to get ideas for your home.

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Thank you for reading and have a Happy Halloween week!