P a r a d e O f H o m e s 2 0 1 5

Did you miss the 2015 New Orleans Parade of Homes tour? No big deal! I have put together some images of what I believe were the highlights from my personal walk throughs during the parade.  

The Parade of Homes is a free event put on every year by the Home Builders Association of Greater New Orleans to give the public an opportunity to see inside the newest homes being built in the New Orleans area. Attendees who are looking to buy or build a new home can meet multiple builders in one day or weekend. The Parade is also great for inspiring ideas for those hoping to renovate their existing home.

Gabriel Estates

3 Royal Palm - Troyer Builders 

Without a doubt, this house was easily one of my favorites on the Parade of Homes Tour. If you can appreciate an interior space that flawlessly combines rustic and modern design elements, then take a peek into this builder's personal house in the pictures above. I'm pretty sure I was drooling by the time I finished walking through this monster house!  If you're in the market for a builder, you should definitely consider Troyer Builders


6325 Milne Blvd- Guidry Custom Homes

Complete with the classic red front door and dormer windows, this New Orleans home definitely has a more traditional personality.  However, it had some lovely modern features as well - making it well worth my time during the Parade of Homes! Take a peek inside this builder's beautiful house in the pictures above. If you're in the market for an elegant custom home of exceptional quality and style, then you should definitely consider Guidry Custom Homes

The St.Jude Dream Home

6919 West End Blvd- Hyman Bartalo Contractors 

The St.Jude Dream Home was a very popular stop on the New Orleans Parade of Homes Tour as visitors had the chance to win $10,000 in groceries or  even the brand new home itself!  Purchasing a $100 ticket meant entering for a chance to win the home while supporting St.Jude, one of the world's premier pediatric care research centers. 

Needless to say, I unfortunately did not win $10,000 in groceries or the brand new home. However, I had a great time walking through it! This house, located at 6919 West End Blvd was built by Hyman Bartolo Contractors and it's absolutely beautiful! With high ceilings, modern fixtures/decor,and gorgeous moldings, this home is definitely being noted as a design success in my opinion! 

Gabriel Estates

35 royal Palm - Troyer Builders

If you love ultra contemporary, then you missed out if you didn't see this house in the Parade of Homes! This house, built by Troyer Builders, is not the typical Mediterranean or Rustic style that one would normally see in a Troyer Home. It was different and unexpected, but still beautifully executed and a pleasure to walk through!  


960 Bragg - decro development 

And finally last but not least...A traditional New Orleans style home with a modern flare on the inside! If you're looking for  a quality, cost efficient, and timely builder to help you achieve your dreams of home ownership, then you should consider Decro Development

F r o n t g a t e F a v o r i t e s

       A lot of my design client's get the Frontgate Furniture Catalogue in the mail and often ask me what my thoughts are on this company. First, you must know that their stuff is definitely on the pricier side of things! However, their furniture and accessories are very beautiful. Pricey, but luxurious and unique is how I would describe Frontgate!  So if you're in the mood for a little retail therapy, Frontgate may just be the spot for you! Checkout a few of my personal frontgate favorites that I put together below! 

A few Frontgate Favorites selected by Interior Designer Jacquelyn Lindsey 

The Veronica Sofa ($6595.00), Nickel Horse Fragment ($1389.00), Branches & Blooms Bouquet ($549.00), Duchamps Storage Mirror ($1495.00), Thomas O'Brien Martine Hand Knotted Area Rug ($1299.00 - $7799.00) 

Wallpapers To Warm Up Your Space!

       As a southern interior designer, I often get clients who want their interior spaces to have that "New Orleans loft" feel. But how can that be done without spending a fortune is the question. A main piece of advice I always give my client's is to first pay attention to what they have on their walls. Walls are the backdrop to every space, so it's very important that they are treated appropriately!  The color and texture of a wall, the art that's on it, and the lighting that a wall gets are all equally important factors when thinking about wall applications.  

        When clients say they want a "New Orleans loft feel," I immediately think exposed brick, concrete, wood, and maybe even some graffitti! But not everyone can afford the downtown loft with exposed brick walls and concrete beams. So then how can that look be achieved? You could hire a faux finisher to paint an accent brick wall in your space, but even that can get expensive sometimes. Another alternative would be to use a fabulous wallpaper! Now wait! I know what you're thinking. I said wallpaper and you immediately thought of that ugly floral print on the walls in your grandma's house back in the day. That's not what I'm talking about. Wallpaper has actually come a long way since those days. Below are some of my favorite industrial style wallpapers that can add character to your space and achieve that "loft-like" feel without spending a fortune. Check them out and if you're interested in ordering, contact me today for a free consultation and quote! 

Brick wallpaper wall

Brick wallpaper 

Brick wallpaper accent wall

Brick Wallpaper wall

Wallpaper rolls ready to be installed 

Concrete wallpaper wall

Concrete Wallpaper. 

Concrete wallpaper wall

Textured Wallpaper 

Concrete Wallpaper 

Wood Wallpaper

Wood Wallpaper Wall

Graffiti wallpaper

Graffiti wallpaper wall 

       This wallpaper collection is the result of photographing raw and refined concrete walls, brick walls and even grafitti, in locations across Norway. The imagery used in this unique wallpaper is based on high-resolution photography and custom manipulation. No pattern is ever repeated, something that results in a very realistic finish. Depending on your personal wishes, we can make the wallpaper either lighter or darker, or even add a specific colour cast. These are high-quality vinyl wallpapers (approx. 350 g/m2 heavy, PVC coated non-woven). It is available up to 124cm (4 feet) in width. Rolls can be made to up to 25m (82 feet) in length. The wallpaper is produced to your precise requirements. It can be installed with standard wallpaper tools and be applied with regular wallpaper paste. The wallpaper is washable and UV-resistant and with good scratch resistance. Non-woven construction allows the complete removal from substrate.

       If you're interested in having a unique wallpaper in your space, contact me today for a free consultation!